Building Citizen Trust

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Shirley Anne Off

Director General, Communications


Rob Jackson-Jones

Senior Product Manager


Rob Jackson-Jones is a Senior Product Manager @ IBM covering Data Governance & Privacy. Rob has been with IBM for 25 years, working in many different roles across the data arena. From designing and building large data warehouses and the first e-commerce sites through complex Data architecture work across Finance, Retail and Telco sectors, Rob led IBM UK Data Governance Services team for a number of years then spent time working as a Software Client Account manager before moving into Product Management – Always with a strong focus on Data.
Liz Catherall

Head of Agile Delivery Profession


About the session

In an age where misinformation is rampant, and public scrutiny of government actions is high, trust is a vital asset. When citizens trust their government, they are more likely to engage with government initiatives, comply with laws and regulations, and participate in public decision-making processes. This trust serves as a bedrock for a more efficient, effective, and collaborative government.

  1. Transparency and Participation: How can we leverage technology to make our processes more transparent and our communications more engaging - and how can this increase public participation in government decisions?

  2. Quality of Public Services: Citizen trust is often linked to the reliability and quality of public services. How can we ensure that service improvements are visible to the public?

  3. Data Privacy and Security: In our efforts to digitise government services, we're handling an increasing amount of sensitive citizen data. How can we ensure this data is secure and that our data governance is intelligible to citizens?