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Aravindhan Rajasekar

Head of Data


Over 15 years of experience in implementing Digital Transformation
Mark Humphries

Consultancy Director, Central Government


Mark is the Consultancy Director at Civica, where he works with clients in central government to manage their data better, ensure that it is fit for purpose and to gain actionable insight from it. Mark is a self-confessed data geek who has spent most of his professional life working with data one way or another; from moving it around, to making sense of it, but most of all trying to ensure that it can be trusted.

In his spare time Mark chairs DAMA UK promoting data management as a professional discipline.
About the session

Departments need to access and learn from data held across the public sector if government as a whole is to respond to complex issues with more precise policy-making. Advances in big data technologies, machine learning and AI look set to help overcome data integration challenges, provide advanced analytics, and generate meaningful insights from vast amounts of data from across the public and private sectors.

  1. Data Integration: Given that different departments may store their data in unique formats and systems, how can we establish a consistent data architecture that allows for seamless integration?
  2. Data Quality: As the value of insights drawn from data heavily depends on the quality of data itself, what steps can we take to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of data across different departments, and how can we address potential obstacles in maintaining data quality?
  3. Data Visualisation: As data visualisation tools can translate complex datasets into easily comprehensible visuals to aid decision-making and strategy development, how can we effectively integrate these tools into our data analysis processes?