Cross-Government Functions

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How do we improve capability and performance in critical operational functions like finance, procurement, HR, IT and digital? Cross-Government Functions involves the collaboration and coordination across departments and agencies to achieve shared goals more effectively and efficiently. When they work, these cooperative efforts enhance the consistency of services, reduce redundancy, and foster a more holistic approach to addressing public needs ... but only when they work.

  1. Interdepartmental Collaboration: Effective cross-government functions necessitate seamless cooperation among different departments. However, coordinating stakeholders and aligning disparate objectives can prove challenging. What approaches can be followed to support successful interdepartmental collaboration?
  2. Digital Platforms for Cross-Departmental Services: New technologies are paving the way for integrated digital platforms that can serve multiple departmental needs simultaneously. What role does technology play in creating a cohesive digital platform for cross-government functions, and how would the adoption of such platforms impact your department's workflow and service delivery?
  3. Automation in Cross-Functional Processes: Automation can significantly improve the efficiency of cross-government operations by reducing manual tasks and fostering seamless data transitions. What challenges have you faced in integrating automation within traditional governmental procedures?