Digital Inclusion

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Older citizens, low-income groups, or those in rural or remote areas are much more likely to have access to reliable internet and digital devices - so how do we ensure that all citizens have equal access to digital services and the skills necessary to use them effectively?

As the public sector transitions to digital-first approaches, digital inclusion efforts become central not just for fairness, but for the effective operation of government services.

  1. Equitable Access to Digital Services: The heart of digital inclusion is providing equal opportunities for all citizens to access digital services. How has your department addressed the issue of providing equal access to its digital services?

  2. Inclusive Design: For digital services to be truly inclusive, the design must cater to users with varying degrees of digital literacy and physical abilities. How can inclusive design approaches be incorporated into digital services?

  3. Technology-Enabled Outreach: Which digital tools can play a big role in reaching underserved populations, thereby tackling exclusion?