Evidence-Based Decision-Making

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Jonathan Cairns-Terry

Head of Insight Products


Jonathan Hale

Data Director


Jonathan is an accomplished data leader and specialist with over 20 years of experience delivering data-driven transformation for both public and private sector clients, enabling data-driven decision making.
In his current role as the Valtech UK Data Director he leads a team of Data Architects and Data Engineers providing Data Platforms, Data Engineering and Data Integration across Valtech EMEA customer base. He has worked with organisations including DfT, Civil Aviation Authority and National Highways.
Jonathan's experience has given him a well-rounded perspective on how best to overcome barriers to data-driven transformation, fuelling his passion for driving transformative change.
About the session

With the growing availability of big data and advanced analytics, the use of accurate and timely data can transform decision-making processes in government agencies as they move from probabilistic-based decisions to evidence-based ones. What steps do departments need to take to move away from intuition-based or legacy-based decision-making towards more widespread use of analytics, statistics, and data science to understand trends, forecast outcomes, and make informed choices?

  1. Data Infrastructure: Do we have the necessary data collection mechanisms, databases, data processing software, and analytical tools to support evidence-based decision-making?
  2. Data Usability: To improve decision-making we need to make data accessible and usable. How can we translate complex data into user-friendly dashboards, visualisations, and reports that can be easily understood and used by non-data executives?
  3. People & Skills: How can we foster a data-driven culture within our organisation, and build the skills base within our team to analyse and interpret the data effectively?