Future Delivery Models

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Automating a process improves efficiency - but rethinking the necessity of a process can lead to a more radical improvement in efficiency and user experience. Traditional models of service delivery are ripe for being streamlined through more automated, and citizen-centric approaches. With the clear potential of disruptive technologies like AI, advanced analytics, cloud, IoT and more - transformative results may only be possible if government agencies can break free from traditional ways of doing business and explore new models of service delivery.

  1. Balancing Efficiency and Citizen Centricity: As we strive for efficiency in service delivery through digital transformation, how can we ensure that we maintain a citizen-centric approach? How can we ensure that these future delivery models cater to the diverse needs and expectations of all citizens?
  2. Embracing Emerging Technologies: How are emerging technologies redefining traditional delivery models in the public sector - and are we seeing substantial improvements?
  3. Transitioning from Legacy Systems: Transitioning from legacy systems can be a significant challenge in implementing future delivery models - how can we manage this change while minimising disruption to services?