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Operational transformation hold the promise of improving efficiency through reduced costs and better outcomes as it tackles outdated systems and resistance to change, while embracing the power of digital tools and data insights.  This Discussion Table brings together practitioners to quantify the kind of value that can be unlocked through accelerating the pace of delivery, reducing errors and avoiding duplication - and share approaches they have taken to achieve them.

  1. Leveraging Technology for Efficiency: How advanced technologies, such as AI, automation, and data analytics, can streamline operational processes and enhance government efficiency. This could involve automation of routine tasks, predictive analytics for decision making, or use of AI for service delivery.

  2. Collaborative Approaches: The potential efficiency gains from fostering greater collaboration and information sharing between different government departments and agencies. How can technology enable this collaboration and what are the potential barriers?

  3. Performance Measurement and Accountability: The importance of robust performance measurement systems in driving efficiency. Discuss how setting clear performance targets and holding departments and individuals accountable can promote a culture of efficiency. Consider the role of technology in tracking and reporting performance data.