Greening Government Operations

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Achieving Carbon Neutral Government requires a comprehensive transformation of government operations, integrating environmentally sustainable practices within public sector procedures and policies. This involves substantial challenges but also significant opportunities. Over the long term, energy-efficient practices and renewable energy sources can lead to significant cost savings, freeing up funds for other critical areas, as well as delivering health and environmental benefits - but the transition to carbon neutrality often involves high upfront costs.

  1. Sustainable Procurement: How do we acquire goods and services in a way that has minimal impact on the environment - while avoiding higher upfront costs and mitigating a lack of available suppliers? 
  2. Green ICT: How can digital technologies and services accelerate progress on sustainability goals, and how do we embed sustainable ICT principles within departmental policy and strategy?
  3. Organisational Change: Achieving carbon neutrality require changes to organisational structure, operating models and delivery channels. How do we balance responsibility and risk across service designers, service providers and service owners?