High-Scale Service Delivery

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How should government best approach the design, implementation, and management of services that reach a large number of users, on a regional or national scale? The scale and scope of government services, coupled with the diverse needs of users, often present unique challenges - but also the opportunity for significant social and economic impact.

To achieve these major positive impacts, government organisations will need to adopt new models of service delivery, leveraging data, technology, and innovative practices, and must also overcome key operational barriers.

  1. Citizen Experience: Are our digital platforms designed to handle high-scale delivery without compromising on service quality or user experience? How do we ensure services are user-centric and adaptable to the needs of a diverse user base?

  2. Data and Analytics: How can we use data and analytics effectively to inform the design, implementation, and continuous improvement of high-scale delivery services in the public sector?

  3. Efficiency and Equity: As we strive to achieve efficiency in high-scale delivery, how do we ensure that services remain equitable and accessible, especially for vulnerable and marginalised groups?