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Discussions about Open Government go to the heart of the culture of public service within an organisation - as it shapes how government operations are conducted, how decisions are made, and how the public interacts with their government. What key levers can public servants pull to drive transparency, citizen participation, and collaboration within their organisation?

  1. Data Transparency: Open data can provide unparalleled insights for policy-making and public service delivery, however, it also raises issues around privacy and security. Given these concerns, how can governments balance the desire for transparency with the need to protect sensitive information, and what are the challenges encountered in making this balance?

  2. Citizen Participation: Enabling citizens to participate in decision-making processes can result in more inclusive policies and services. What methods have proven successful in engaging citizens in government decisions, and what obstacles might prevent broader and more diverse citizen participation?

  3. Inter-Agency Collaboration: Working across departments and sharing information can boost efficiency and create more holistic approaches to complex problems. How can collaboration be encouraged and facilitated across different departments within the government, and what are the key barriers that inhibit effective inter-agency collaboration?