Performance Measurement

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How can public sector organisations  improve how they evaluate the effectiveness of policies, programmes, and initiatives? By objectively assessing the outcomes and impacts of operations, government agencies can make data-driven decisions, enhance accountability, and continuously improve their services.

  1. Setting KPIs: Key Performance Indicators provide quantitative measures of success - but determining the right KPIs can be challenging. Given that KPIs should reflect meaningful and achievable targets, how do you go about selecting your KPIs?

  2. Data Collection and Analysis: Performance measurement depends heavily on the quality and availability of data. How should you collecting and analyse the necessary data for performance measurement, and what are the challenges related to data integrity or analytical capacity?

  3. Adapting to Change: As government services evolve, so too should the way their performance is measured. How do you ensure your performance measurement systems remain relevant amidst changing goals and objectives, and what hurdles might be present when trying to adapt these systems to new contexts?