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Laura Eiro

Director General of the Data, Safety and Security Department


Laura Eiro is Director General of the Data, Safety and Security Department at the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland. Her department is responsible for data economy and digitalisation policy, network security, Intelligent Transport Systems, transport automation and transport safety. Eiro also serves as Secretary General of the Ministerial Working Group steering digital transformation, data economy and public administration renewal.

Eiro is a Member of Board of the CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd and Chair of the Advisory Board of Statistics Finland.

Previously Eiro has worked at the Ministry of Transport and Communications in several expert and managerial positions. She has also worked at Finland’s Permanent Representation to the EU, at Intelligent Transportation Society of Finland and at the Ministry of Finance as Secretary General of the Finnish Technology Advisory Board.

Laura Eiro holds a Master´s Degree in Law.

Joanna Rowland

Director General, Transformation


Jo was appointed as Director General for the new Transformation Group in November 2020 after successfully leading the department’s delivery of the COVID-19 support schemes in her capacity as Director for HMRC’s COVID-19 Response Unit since March 2020. As Head of the Project Delivery Profession for HMRC, Jo has led HMRC’s Transformation Portfolio and a number of critical programmes, including Making Tax Digital for Business, and Individuals.
Before joining HMRC, Jo delivered several Government Major Projects including the Criminal Justice Efficiency Programme at the Ministry of Justice and worked as a Programme Director in the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Prior to this Jo enjoyed a successful career in policing, in senior operational and policy roles.
Chris Worgan

Client Director


Over 30 years working in the IT Software and Services sector delivering successful outcomes to a wide range of business and organisations. Specialisation in customer engagement and enhancing user experience. Prime driver is to align commercial and technical elements of a solution to business outcomes where clients drive internal efficiencies and seize opportunities for increased revenue and market penetration.
About the session

The push for Personalised Citizen Services is key to transforming the citizen experience, with the potential to dramatically improve user satisfaction. How should departments use citizen data to customise and enhance the service experience, and moving away from a "one-size-fits-all" approach?

  1. Data Privacy and Security: Personalisation relies on collecting and analysing user data. How can we balance the need for personalisation with the citizen's right to privacy and data protection?

  2. Technology and Personalisation: Technologies such as AI and machine learning can play a vital role in providing personalised services. How can we leverage these tools to better understand and serve our citizens, and what infrastructure and skills are needed to do this effectively?

  3. Multi Channel: Citizens interact with government services through various channels, both offline and online. How can we ensure a consistent level of personalisation across all touch points - and measure the success of our personalisation efforts?