Predictive Analytics

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Toby Balfre

VP, Field Engineering


Toby Balfre is the VP of Field Engineering for EMEA at Databricks. Toby has been with Databricks for the last five years since opening the EMEA office and has led the technical field from the offsite. Before that, he built the Data Science Delivery Practice at CapGemini and started his career focusing on data and analytics for the public sector and is a data scientist by background.
Matthew Lyon

Head of Data and Advanced Analytics


An analytical leader with 6+ years experience working in government; specialising in digital, data and technology with experience leading multidisciplinary analytical and DDaT teams.
About the session

Predictive analytics promises to allow public agencies to become more forward-thinking and strategic, addressing potential challenges and opportunities in areas like public safety, health care, education, and infrastructure before they become critical. 

How can the public sector preemptively identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on current data - and go beyond knowing what has happened to provide the best assessment of what will happen in the future?

  1. Data Quality: Predictive analytics is only as good as the data it's based on. How can government organisations ensure the quality and accuracy of their data when implementing predictive analytics?

  2. Analytics Expertise: Given the complexity of developing and managing predictive models, what are some potential strategies to address the skills gap in data science and analytics?

  3. Improved Decision-Making: What are some of the ways that the public sector can leverage predictive analytics for more informed decision-making, and what are the potential barriers to achieving this?