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How can we improve the capacity of public sector organisations to absorb shocks, adapt, and recover while maintaining core functions? This is especially important in a rapidly evolving landscape marked by new technologies, shifting citizen expectations, and unpredictable disruptions such as pandemics or cyber threats.

  1. Mitigating Disruption: Government services are essential and any disruption could significantly impact citizens. But with unforeseen crises like COVID-19, how can we build and maintain operational resilience that allows us to withstand, adapt, and rapidly recover from disruptions?

  2. Cyber Resilience: Given our increased reliance on digital platforms, how can we enhance our cyber resilience to protect critical data and maintain essential services amidst these evolving threats?

  3. Workforce Resilience: A resilient workforce is key to government transformation, capable of adapting to new tools, processes, and strategies. With the fast pace of change in the public sector, how can we foster the skills, mindset, open communication and flexibility among our staff, enabling them to navigate and thrive amidst ongoing transformation initiatives?