Rethinking Citizen Services

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Simon Murray

Practice Lead, Regulated Industries, Adobe Digital Strategy Group


Simon joined Adobe in 2019 having previously spent over 20 years in Financial Services. During this time, he built and led global teams focussed on leveraging digital channels and analytical insight across Investment Banking, Wealth Management and Asset Management. As a former practitioner, he has extensive experience of delivering customer-centric digital experiences in order to deepen customer relationships and drive new business opportunities.
About the session

How should departments approach the planning and delivery of essential citizen services to provide digitally enabled journeys that are simple, seamless and secure?  Modernising the delivery of government services by adopting a data driven, tailored approach that enables people to more easily complete tasks is essential to enabling the government to operate more efficiently and deliver savings for taxpayers whilst meeting customer needs.


  • Digitally Enabled Service Design: How can we bring digital product management principles into government IT to increase call centre deflection, remove paper-based processes and create a more connected citizen experience?
  • Personalisation at Scale: How can we make better use of digital body language and increased data sharing with and across government departments to create a unified customer profile and deliver services that are tailored to the individual user and deliver better outcomes?
  • Digital Accessibility: As more government services move online, digital accessibility becomes ever more important. How do we ensure public services are designed to be inclusive and accessible for all citizens?