Service Automation

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Tom Zebedee

Chief Technology Officer


Tom has held senior roles in local and central government and is currently the Deputy Director Technology at Ofsted responsible for the running of live services, the onboarding of new digital products, security and information management.

Working with his digital colleagues at Ofsted services have been transformed and a mature DDaT structure is now in place to help drive forward our digital ambitions for our interactions with citizens. Tom has reviewed major projects in the UK and in the EU.

About the session

By speeding up service delivery and reducing error, automation becomes a key driver of a better citizen experience - while removing the need for civil servants to work on repetitive rules-based workloads. How self-service automation can better serve customers in a personal, yet cost-effective way?

Join us for insights from the experience of our discussion table co-hosts as we ask:

  1. Use Cases & Solutions: What are the issues we can solve with service automation, and how should that influence your choice of tools?

  2. Service Quality: What impact has self-service had on your service workload - and what are your projections for the future?

  3. Application processing and review: What role do rules-based workflows play as critical enablers of citizen satisfaction?