Rethinking Employee Experience: Change Work for Good


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Melek Geveci

Global HR Value Advisor


Melek has 25+ years of work experience with a focus on people strategy, workforce transformation and HR effectiveness. She has MBA from London Business School and Coaching Practitioner diploma from Academy of Executive Coaching in London. Melek has gained experience in HR both at SAP and her previous employers, i.e. Deloitte, Mercer and E&Y. She has worked with many organisations helping them improve their business practices to become more competitive in their markets while creating sustainable business impact.
About the session
It has become increasingly clear that employee experience is now so universal a theme, and so foundational to HR strategy, that it is important to consider the current state of employee experience more broadly. Employee experience is everything an employee encounters – from their initial job search to their last day of work and beyond. While prioritising citizens’ experiences and outcomes, it is crucial to understand that we need to learn how to balance citizen experiences with those of our employees by focusing on trust, alignment, recognition, and use of technology. Meaningful experiences shape the moments that matter to employees.  Starting with why, why this organisation exists, what is our value proposition for our citizens and what motivates our people to deliver this value proposition and drive our organisational purpose? We have an opportunity to start with employees’ needs, which leads us to a mindset shift so that we can create and sustain a positive culture - the most important aspect to creating a good employee experience.