Panel: Transforming the User Experience - what does success look like?

Panel discussion

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David Wilde

GM, Government Transformation magazine


A 30-year public sector veteran, having held leadership positions in all tiers of government and the NHS.
Marten Kaevats

Former Estonian Government's Chief Innovation Officer


Former Estonian Government's Chief Innovation Officer.
About the session

As the pace of digital change accelerates, public sector leaders are having to manage increasing uncertainty in their quest to transform the user experience - of citizens and civil servants. From deploying emerging technologies to anticipating shifting user expectations, every decision involves risks and complexities. This panel discussion seeks to shed light on these challenges and guide senior civil servants on navigating the intricate journey of user experience transformation.

  1. Navigating the Digital Landscape: How can the public sector confidently plan to transform the user experience when digital technologies continue to evolve so rapidly, increasing the complexity of integrating them into existing systems?

  2. Balancing Innovation and Service Stability: In the push to innovate and improve the user experience, how can we maintain and improve the reliability of public services?

  3. Digital Inclusion: How can we ensure that new approaches to transforming the user experience benefits all citizens equally, regardless of their digital literacy or access?