Gulsanna Mamediieva

Tech and Public Policy Fellow



Gulsanna is a Tech and Public Policy Fellow at the McCourt School for Public Policy at Georgetown University. Previously she led the strategic planning, European and NATO integration of Ukraine's digital sector as Director General at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine in 2019-2023.

She and her team have launched the development and further successful implementation of the strategy of integration of Ukraine into the Digital Single Market of European Union. It comprises many components, including: electronic communications, roaming, e-services, online safety, privacy, open data, digital skills, innovation, trust and identification services, e-commerce, economic empowerment, countering the digital divide.

Since February 2022, she also has been working on international technical assistance to support Ukraine's digital resistance to Russia’s invasion. Gulsanna served as a member of the Council of Europe's Committee on Artificial Intelligence, Eastern Partnership Countries; Harmonisation Digital Market Coordinator for Ukraine, and as Ukraine's representative in other international organisations.

Gulsanna Mamediieva is CEO at Digitality GovTech Centre of Excellence, a Brussels-based non-profit aimed to enhance digital transformation of public sector.

Gulsanna is Fisher Family and Support Ukrainian Democracy and Development summer fellow at Stanford University, she holds a Masters degree in Information Technology Law from the University of Tartu, Estonia, and is pursuing a Ph.D at Carleton University, Canada.