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John Seabourn

Chief Digital Officer


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John Seabourn is Chief Digital Officer at the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA), with the remit to digitally transform the organisation to influence and regulate the Oil and Gas Industry in the UK. He has been integral in developing OGA’s Digital Energy Platform, providing data services to industry, government, academia and the public. The platform has rapidly grown since 2016, attracting investment into the UK Continental Shelf, supporting the Energy Transition and providing resources to develop the next generation of energy data professionals.
He joined NSTA’s predecessor, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), in 2014 as a Senior Mapping and GIS Manager and set about transforming the way spatial data was used in Government to support the Oil and Gas industry. Before joining the Oil and Gas industry, Seabourn worked for the Ministry of Defence and in the Aviation industry specialising in spatial data systems. He holds a Chartered Geographer accreditation from the Royal Geographic Society, is a member of the UK’s Governments’ Science and Engineering profession and has a BSc in Geography/Geology from the University of Leicester.